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Do you have any special conditions that you treat?

Yes! We can help with TMJ, vertigo, concussion, scoliosis, and more. Our RMT Anny and chiropractor Dr. Magliocco are also trained in acupuncture. Our physiotherapist Kamna has a special interest in pediatric care and neurological disorders.

Do you direct bill to my insurance?

So long as your insurance company allows direct billing, we are more than happy to bill on your behalf.


If provided 24 hours notice, we can also reach out to your insurance company for the details of your coverage. Please keep in mind that some companies require patient's presence for these calls so they must be done at your appointment (these include but are not limited to: Manulife, Industrial Alliance, and EquitableLife).

Is there parking?

We have a parking lot behind our building and are a 2 minute walk from Fortinos.

Can I book my appointment online?

Yes! If this is your first appointment, please ensure you choose the Assessment option there is enough time for your treatment after the assessment. 

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